The Sweet Science


You may have heard this before, “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”.  There’s not much worse advice your could give yourself than this poisonous idiom.  Because in life you generally get what you prepare for.
This isn’t just positive thinking but actual neuroscience and it’s called reticular activation.  We filter and we manifest what we focus on.  It’s the reason that just after you bought your last car, you suddenly started seeing it everywhere on the road where as before you never did.  It’s also a main reason that one’s cognitive skills are improved when they are happy and diminish when depressed.
And reliance on hope and the myth of ‘any given Sunday’ don’t serve us because success comes not just from preparedness but preparing for the best, not the worst.  Muhammad Ali said it best, “Fights are won or lost far away from the crowd, behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before we dance under those lights.”  He also said, “I told myself I was the greatest, even before I knew I was.”  This must be why they refer to boxing as ‘the sweet science.
And even in times when deep preparation isn’t rewarded with intended or even the best results, we are always stronger and better from the process.  Hard work and preparedness lead to growth and growth is never wasted.
So be exceptionally careful of the words and idioms you use because your philosophy is the sail you set for yourself.

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