Bonus Miles

cloudsI’m flying to New York today but I’m not certain when.  My original flight was canceled and I’ve been automatically re-booked with a ‘bonus’ layover in Minneapolis – which has since been delayed.  The original purpose for the trip was cancelled as well so now I’m going to a different meeting for new potential client.  Tomorrow I will fly to San Francisco for a meeting which I still don’t know the client or its purpose.  I only received an email with the message:  John, I understand you will be in NY on Jan 6, 7.  I may need you in SF on the 8th with me.  Any problem supporting?

This might not sound like your ideal vocation but it is mine.  I kind of like it or more accurately, I truly appreciate it.  Because work and travel are great teachers and even after twenty-three years I continue to thrill and thrive on the challenge, spontaneity and even the uncertainty of it all.

A voracious reader, I still believe that uncertainty and personal experience are the mother of all map changers and growth.  And you can’t do much better for curve balls and experience than through travel.  I’ve learned more about design, business and life by traveling than from the hundreds of best sellers I’ve read.  Information does not equal transformation.  And reading doesn’t necessarily make you smarter, sometimes it doesn’t even require you to think.

Travel of course is not always pleasurable, it’s even lonely sometimes, but that’s O.K.  It often pushes me outside of my comfort zone, allowing me to grow and often forces me to learn things about the world and myself – at times, more than I ever thought possible.
And when I return from each and every trip, my home, my desk and most things are usually exactly how I left them, but I am always a little changed.

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