Pipe Dreams

pipe dreamsJohn Krakauer, Bruce Lee and Anonymous walk into a bar…

1. Any challenge in which a successful outcome is assured isn’t a challenge at all.
– John Krakauer

2. A goal is not always meant to be reached, it simply serves as something to aim at.
– Bruce Lee

3. Study the world and you gain knowledge, study yourself and you gain enlightenment.
– Anonymous

Shortly after moving to the west coast I read a quote by, Jim Rohn. He said, “Work on your career and you’ll create a great living but work on yourself and you’ll create a fortune.” He meant we are not rewarded for our time, but we are rewarded for the value we contribute. The way to earn more is not to work more but to become more.

It’s difficult to express the impact of those words and the results without sounding hyperbolic. But in time and with that mantra, I increased my salary almost 400%. And true to Jim’s word’s, I discovered my fortune. I say I discovered and not made because I learned that my fortune is not my wealth. Your wealth is not your worth. Focusing on learning and self-development gained me the best health of my life, perspective, patience, and quality in my relationships today – my fortune. I understand the age-old adage that the purpose of setting goals is not for the reward but for what you become in the process of striving.

Last month I made what I thought was a bold decision to double down once again and increase focus on my growth and on contribution to some others in my life. I gave my resignation. I committed to further work a vocation around my ideal life and not my ideal life around a vocation. And the response of generosity, support and flexibility from my company and the wonderful teams I work with have been nothing short of humbling and amazing. So many people inside and out of my company have since conspired to see to it I can pursue these goals, never once asking me to compromise my values.

I’m excited for all the new challenges and opportunities before me and the certain growth it will provide. Gratitude. Awe. And more gratitude.

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