Do dogs like bones?

Dog-with-boneI had an opportunity to share a favorite story and lesson with my 7-year-old daughter recently…

Mayumi runs her own dog walking and pet sitting business.  Occasionally, as a part of her service, we’ll even sit at our own home for a few hours to keep a pooch company.  A while back it was Baxter, a white terrier from the 17th floor who came for a visit.  I was cooking dinner and Mayumi wanted to give Baxter a treat, specifically a bone.  I asked her if dogs like bones and she quickly replied that they did.  “Dog’s love bones,” were her exact words.  I said they did not love bones, “Dog’s like steak, they settle for bones.” We proved this together by giving Baxter a choice and set both down on a plate.  Of course Baxter went for the steak.
I told Mayumi that people do this to themselves too.  We settle all the time and tell ourselves we’re happy. Sometimes it’s because it’s all we know but often it’s a convenient lie we tell ourselves so that we don’t have to work harder or take risks.  And sometimes we just confuse gratitude with satisfaction.

Be grateful for what you have but work like hell for what you really want.  Just because you desire more doesn’t mean you’re unhappy with what you have.  It’s OK to follow your dreams and your potential.  No, not follow, chase!  Go after it with a club even, as Jack London used to say.

Don’t settle for bones if what you really desire is steak.

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One Comment on “Do dogs like bones?

  1. Hehe! Lot of people struggle with this, the idea of gratitude but striving for more. Nothing wrong with gobbling that lovely steak and hiding that bone for later!..Nothing at all.


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